10 Ways To Be More Creative

When you have to get a lesson plan done or send an important email, do you fix yourself a bunch of nice food and sit down to a lovely meal? Probably not. Do you whip up a step-by-step list of how you should go about writing your lesson plans? Hopefully not. I’m answering my own rhetorical questions in a quest to make you (and my own brain) understand what it takes to be a bit more creative. I’ve been looking for ways to be creative and usually come up short when it matters.

So this visual shared on PearsonOLE‘s Facebook page awhile back touches a nerve with me. It details the 10 ways to be more creative. For someone who has to constantly be creative in the form of education, technology, web design, social media, and other stuff … this visual is quite handy and getting printed out immediately. I hope you enjoy it too and that it inspires you to try a few new ways to get the ol’ brain muscle working!

What are your favorite ways to be creative? Have you ever walked in the rain (intentionally, that is) to spur creativity? Do you write a list but not overly plan? It’s a fine line but worth knowing the difference. In any case, go get creative!

ways to be creative

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  1. Yazmen McCaskill

    April 12, 2013 at 5:02 pm

    I always am looking for a way to be more creative, show my imagination.This article gave me clarification that being creative is okay. Having every minute of the day planned out just stresses your life. Being care free and stress free is not that bad.