10 Ways To Promote Your Classroom Library

You have a classroom library. Your library is chock full of useful resources and information that’s just waiting to be absorbed by your eager students. Here’s a fabulously simple way to start getting the word out about your treasure trove.

A few quick ideas are below and they should be a great way to get you thinking about a new way to start communicating with your students. You can read aloud, give book talks, and even engage the parents in the process. For example, you could create a sort of “wish list” of books that you and your students assemble. Then you can share that list with your classroom’s parents who can donate some books to the classroom library. It’s a great way to get students, parents, and others thinking about and discussing literature of any variety. Does it need to be War and Peace or Shakespeare? Of course not. Just get others engaged!


Source: Learning Unlimited

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  1. cassidy

    January 8, 2014 at 10:38 am

    I have an even better idea for your fourth idea. Try visiting the public library instead of a bookstore. Everyone can afford to get books from the library. The Librarians will be happy to give you a tour and booktalk/storytime. And Librarians keep up with what is going on – not only the latest, greatest read BUT on things like education standards and research.
    Plus it would be nice to see a fellow educator promoting one of the best public service offered…. instead of propping up retail outlets that have advertising budgets and a mission to make money.