10 Learnist Boards To Make You A Better Reader

styles of readingMore and more elementary teachers are joining in on the fun, creating excellent material and resources to share with classrooms across the world.  

This is very exciting news indeed!  

And so, this week’s Top 10 Learnist boards will feature some of the best. From literacy and numeracy to technology, these elementary boards will get you excited to try new things, whether they spark an idea for your classroom or your children at home.

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If you are not yet on Learnist, we hope to see you there in 2013, where you will continue to see top-quality learning and sharing–not just for teachers, but for everyone, because learning and growth should never stop.  

The happiest of New Years to you!

How to Teach a Child to Read
Michelle Breum is an entrepreneur and blogger in the area of reading education. She is passionate about beginning literacy all the way through developing good teen and adult reading habits.  This Learnist board is filled with tips and activities to promote beginning reading.

Elementary iPad Apps for Math
Elementary tech guru Carrie Sorenson is a first-grade teacher at the Highlander Charter School in Providence, RI and a member if the EdUnderground, group of tech-progressive teachers bringing 21st Century teaching to the world. Carrie has lots of tips and tricks for technifying a classroom. She dedicates this board to iPad apps and resources for teaching math.

Bullying–Elementary School
This antibullying board by Carrie Sorenson is specifically dedicated to lower grades, who have a very different experience with the subject than older children. This is a subject that cannot be overemphasized as we teach kindness, compassion, and digital citizenship to our students.

iOS Apps for Young Musicians 4-7
Music teacher Yoon Soo Lim compiles a substantial list of music apps available for iPhone or iPad.  These apps span music genre and topic, getting young musicians off to a good start on the fundamentals.

Excellent Elementary Picture Books
On this board, Carrie Sorensen goes old school with–books! Here,  she picks a variety of her favorite picture books which she uses to teach lessons on class materials, values and feelings, and as general conversation starters.  She includes many of her favorites that you’ll want to use in class and at home if you have children.

Personal, Possessive, and Indefinite Pronouns
Leena Ray’s board on pronouns contains videos, exercises, and worksheets to help reinforce this important topic in grammar. This board addresses first grade language Common Core State Standards as well.

Nora Woodrum Oliver has assembled some cross-curricular materials for both lower and upper elementary students, including math games and activities, how to use Pinterest in the elementary classroom, and even using Uno for math and learning. This is a board of Nora’s favorites. Every teacher should have a board of his or her favorites to share!

Learning with Star Wars
Kimberly Charron’s creative board includes several ways the Star Wars movies can be used in homeschooling or the traditional classroom. She includes science, literary elements, and travel guides a well as helpful lesson ideas. There is even a knitting lesson, “Knits for Nerds,” which helps access students’ kinesthetic and artistic sides.

There is a large push to teach more civics in schools. This board by Carrie Shanahan collects resources for intermediate level students as they begin to learn the fundamentals of United States history, government and good citizenship.

Responsive Classroom
Responsive Classroom is a technique developed in the 1990’s and still used widely in classrooms across the nation. It’s a teaching style that involves the direct teaching of cooperation, respect, empathy and self-control through meetings, activities, and modeling.  Proponents of Responsive Classroom report decreased instances of discipline and increased scores when this method is consistently applied. Learn more about this method to see if it would work for you.