10 Learnist Boards To Help You Understand Bullying

bullying in schoolBullying is a problem both in schools and in society. Many schools are making amazing headway on this problem, in the hopes that addressing bullying through education will help to eradicate it in society. There are several types of bullies–from the kid who takes Twinkies on the playground to the subtle manipulator. It’s critical to know the types. This week’s Most Useful Learnist Boards are dedicated to promoting positive culture, both in schools and in life.

Online Bullying:
Lauren Hall created this board about cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is becoming an increasingly troublesome issue as we become connected 24/7.  We must educate students about responsible use of social media, and practice these principles ourselves.

Bullying in Schools
Middle school principal Jay Ackerman created this board about bullying in schools. Bullying is a multifaceted issue that must be stopped through education and intervention. Jay’s discussion of parental involvement in students’ use of social media is key.

A Teen’s Life
World-renown teen expert Jeff Wolfsberg tells amazing stories about the resilience of teens, especially those who have experienced bullying. The first learning on this board is about a bullied girl turned homecoming queen–It shows how a community pulled together to do the right thing and make dreams come true.

Bullying Prevention
Leena Ray’s board about bullying prevention links to several important sites, like “It Gets Better,” as well as Education Secretary Arne Duncan’s message on the issue of bullying, and a link to “The Bully Project” film site. This film is a must-see.

Youth Rights and Teen Oppression
Part of refusing to be a victim of bullying is having confidence. Jeff Wolfsberg’s board on teen rights brings to light issues where teens should be aware of their rights in order to self-advocate and avoid being bullied or taken advantage of.

World Suicide Prevention Day
World Suicide Prevention Day raises awareness for issues related to prevention of suicide–one of the main causes of depression and suicide attempts is bullying, reports and studies show. These two issues go hand in hand, unfortunately. The good news is that they can be solved together.

Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center
This board is about the Southern Poverty Law Center, which crusades against injustice and intolerance.  Their work transcends all divisions in society–handling intolerance based on race, religion, socioeconomic class, and sexual orientation. The SPLC provide frees materials for educators hoping to teach tolerance in all these areas.

Create a Positive Climate in Your School
This board was made created from suggestions given during one important #EdChatRI Twitter Chat. #EdChatRI, held Sunday nights at 8 PM, started locally in Rhode Island, but is quickly becoming a meetup and professional learning network of educators from all over the nation, sharing out ideas about many critical topics in education.

Are YOU the Bully?
Many parents are in denial when their child is the bully. Others want to fix the problem but don’t know how. In the adult world, there are many bullies, though in the workplace this is often masked by positions of authority or the “assertiveness” needed to climb the ladder of success. Tragically, there are even adult bullies in the field of education. Are you the bully? Find out, and discover strategies for breaking the cycle.

Education News From Around the World
This board has a lot of news dedicated to bullying. Marina Kavallieraki curates news about bullying in the workplace causing reductions in time worked, bullying of autistic students, and the School Technology Action Report’s information on bullying.