10 Learnist Boards to Help You Keep Your New Year Resolutions

resolutionsWe want to go back to the classroom healthy, happy, and rejuvenated. But you know how it goes–a few cookies, a bunch of holiday meals, some wine, catching up on work, stressing about the new year. It doesn’t take much to get us out of balance. So, if you have strayed from healthy living or are beginning your journey toward a healthier you, this week’s Top 10 Learnist boards will help. They are all about healthy topics so that you can dedicate 100% of yourself to being creative, productive, and having enthusiasm in the upcoming year.

Functional Fat Loss Nutrition
Fitness author and consultant Nate Miyaki’s board on how to trim up after the holidays using his methods of “intermittent feast” is hard core, but the results cannot be disputed. Check out this board and Nate’s website for serious fitness. You want a six-pack (and we’re not talking beer)? This board is for you.

Trying to Lose Weight?
Emily Dingmann’s board offers small tweaks you can make to lose some weight–nothing drastic!  The “realistic nutritionist” won’t make you suffer. Whether you’re ready for extreme fitness or just committing to getting on a healthier path, Emily can help.

Let Food Be Thy Medicine
Jeff Wolfsberg’s board explores the connection between diet and physical, emotional, and spiritual health. This board includes some critical documentaries and recipes to promote a healthy balanced lifestyle.

2012 in Review: Health and Fitness
Emily Dingmann posts boards on the year in review–what worked and what did not in diet and fitness trends.

All hail to kale. Jake Becker’s board on “superfoods” list the best foods for health–foods so good experts say you should eat as much as possible. Bllueberries, wheatgrass, and kale, among others, have amazing health benefits. Although the word “superfood” has recently made the “List of Words Banned from the Queen’s English for Misuse, Overuse, or General Uselessness,” for 2012, it’s still critical to know the healthiest foods and what to do with them, and I love these foods.

Why You Should Lift Weights
Learnist’s founder Farb Nivi loves food and fitness. In this board, which he co-authors with fitness experts Nate Miyaki and Shawn Toussaint,  he discusses the physical and psychological benefits of weightlifting. This board dispels the popular myth that weightlifting is for muscleheads–it shows that increasing strength and fitness is essential for everyone.

Sugar: Poison or Just Junk Food
There is a ton of controversy about the role of sugar in the health of children and adults. Should you eliminate all sugar? Should you use natural sugars, or should sugar be used in moderation? Read the studies and decide.

Traditional Plant Medicine
This board has information about natural teas, tonics, and tinctures that are reported to help various health issues.  People have been using plant-based medicines for years. Holistic health is an important topic to discuss with the rising cost of health care. If we can eat an apple a day to ward off the copays, that’s a good thing.

Gluten Free Living
More and more people are forced to live a gluten free lifestyle, but the health benefits can be immense. This board has foods to watch out for, and tips to live a healthier lifestyle for those required to be gluten free.

News and Info on Running, Hiking, and the Great Outdoors
Jim Davis’ board discusses several outdoor activities that help promote fitness. Just a small amount of activity can help reduce the risk of many fatal diseases, including cancer, obesity, and diabetes.  Jim’s board can help you find an activity you love, making fitness a part of your day that lifts your spirits, rather than being an obligation.

Thumbnail via the Scientific American