10 Learnist Boards All About Homeschooling

homeschoolingThis week’s most useful Learnist boards are dedicated to the topic of homeschooling. Many families are making this choice for their children for a variety of reasons. Homeschooling done well produces amazing results, and longitudinal studies show that students who were homeschooled overwhemlingly report that they were happy with this decision feeling it led to their success.

Here are some resources that provide information for those considering homeschooling as well as those actively engaged in the process. Homeschoolers are a wealth of information and collaboration–if you are a homeschooler reading this article, Learnist would love for you to create some boards with your materials, too.  

Why Homeschool?
Homeschooling parent and expert Kimberly Charron talks about the benefits of homeschooling your children.  This board includes research and data including longitudinal studies that show several areas where homeschoolers outperform their traditionally-schooled peers.

Educational Sites for Homeschoolers
Tasha Billingslea’s board collects several resources for homeschoolers, including IXL Math, a site with Common Core aligned age-differentiated math materials, Discovery Education materials, and Funbrain. There are so many resources out there to support parents who choose to homeschool that it’s like bringing the world to your door.

The Classical Method of Homeschooling
This Kimberly Charron board on homeschooling discusses the advantages of including the classics in your teaching–Latin, rhetoric, the great Western literature cannon, and other arts that are not always emphasized in every modern curriculum. She shows why these might still be relevant in modern society, and provides resources to get started.

Free E-Books
Kimberly Charron’s learnboard on ebooks will help homeschoolers to access more literature for home study. Several foundations have archived the classics and other books, making them available in “digital libraries” for free.  Project Gutenburg and Kindle both have great classics available gratis.  

Theatre in the Homeschool
Just because you are homeschooling doesn’t mean that drama and theatre are out of reach. This board provides valuable skills in oration and confidence. Use this board to access drama games and activities that can be used at home.

Homeschool College Admission
Barbara Hettle is an experienced homeschool parent who now consults with others seeking to help their homeschoolers gain admission to prestigious colleges. Her learnboard helps decode the admissions process and requirements for an impressive collection of colleges and universities. Many have policies that include homeschoolers with ease.

Fantasy Fiction for Children and Teens (and Adults!)
There are so many resources out there for teaching fantasy and fiction to children and teens that are easy to tap into. This is such a popular genre that it’s wise to take advantage of your child’s interest in this subject material to make learning literature fun.

Free Geography Resources for Kids
This board has maps, map games, geography quizzes, and geo-games. Geography is an important area of study, one that many students could benefit from studying more. Learning geography does not have to be tedious–it can be mobile and fun!

Learning about Space for Kids of All Ages
Kimberly Charron’s space board includes links to several nations’ space agency, games, and the Hubblecast videos. Space education has so many connections to things we do every day–math, current events, foreign affairs–learning about space does not have to be limited to younger children making paper mache solar systems–there are many directions to take this popular theme. Start with some of the basics on this board and finish up with the Harvard Astronomy K-6 curriculum. There’s a lot of “space” for learning.

Educational Websites for Homeschoolers
Homeschooling mom Tasha Billingslea collected several educational websites that home-schooling parents might choose. Tasha also loves the IXL math app, and funbrain, but she also collects videos on phonics, and curation sites for ed apps.  There is so much out there that every homeschooler can have their own board of favorites.

Comic Books and Graphic Novels as Learning Tools
Kimberly Charron wants literacy to be fun. Here, she collects information on how to use comics and graphic novels in your teaching. She provides some good ones to use, and includes comic generators so kids can make their own. Learning this way would be so much fun!