10 Incredibly Useful Education Programs Worth Considering

Earning a degree or a certificate in a field with a high rate of job growth can put anyone on a fast track for making progress in their career.

While many people believe that they can only reach a high level of success by pursuing an advanced degree, they are mistaken as many of the top careers available in the job market can be obtained by completing a two-year degree or certificate program.

The following list includes the top ten degree and certificate programs that are available in which prospective students can enroll to get started on advancing their career or to learn the skills to begin a new career in an exciting field.

Medical Assistant

A career as a medical assistant offers a person the opportunity to continually grow in their skills and knowledge while enjoying the personal fulfillment that comes with helping people. Medical assistants can expect to have continued job growth in their field that can lead to promotions and increased salaries. After completing a certificate program, medical assistants can expect to work beneath the direction of a physician or nurse in order to provide care to patients in hospitals, clinics and other health care centers.

Pharmacy Technician

As with any career in the medical field, a pharmacy technician can take advantage of the continued growth in their job market. They will work in pharmacies, hospitals and medical clinics to sort, count and package prescription medications to be delivered to patients. Candidates for this degree program should be detail-oriented and have a strong grasp of mathematics and medical terminology.

Massage Therapist

Due to the rise in treatments for injuries and stress-related injuries, massage therapists are currently in high demand. Through a massage therapy school, students will be taught the correct techniques for providing their clients with relief from muscle pain that results from a variety of different injuries. Additionally, massage therapists can find employment in either a medical facility, or they can open their own practice.

Human Resources Administrator

An administrator in a human resources assists in hiring and retaining new employees for a company. They are also responsible for developing and implementing training programs to ensure that employees are knowledgeable of any new research in their field. Upon completing a human resources degree program, many students go on to complete an advanced degree in business administration.

Web Design

With the constantly growth of new businesses, web designers are in high demand for creating websites that will attract the attention of clients and customers. Web designers help to design websites that emphasize the goods and services that a company provides while advertising to a wide audience of potential clients.


As a graduate from a paralegal degree program, a person can expect to work within a legal environment to provide support for legal services to clients while working under the direction of a lawyer. They are required to understand legal terms as well as to be able to type up legal documents and professional correspondence.

Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists enjoy the benefit of being able to set their own hours while working in a dental office. They provide preventative care to dental patients that include teeth cleaning and screenings for potential problems. Although this position requires that a person also become licensed following the completion of a degree program, it also offers some of the highest income potential for a two-year degree.

Physical Therapist Assistant

A physical therapist assistant helps patients to recover from serious injuries and illnesses that have had an impact upon their mobility. The aging population has led to many of these positions begin found in rehabilitation centers and nursing homes. However, physical therapist assistants can also find employment in schools, hospitals and through in-home care services.

Computer Support Specialist

The increasing level of technology that is involved in running a business today makes having a computer support specialist on staff a necessity for many companies. This position can be obtained by earning a two-year degree from a college that specializes in technology. However, because technology is constantly changing, it will be necessary to take continuing education courses in order to stay current in this field.

Veterinary Technician

Anyone who loves animals can find a rewarding career as a veterinary technician by completing a short degree program. Veterinary technicians assist in veterinary practices by performing routine tests and clinical procedures on the animals that come into their office.

Each of these programs are available at most vocational schools as well as colleges and universities, and many include a convenient format that can make advancing in one’s career an easy goal to accomplish in only a short period of time. By enrolling in any one of these programs, a prospective student can initiate the process of finding a career in a field that will offer consistent opportunities for both personal and professional growth.

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  1. Irene Martínez

    August 24, 2012 at 1:51 am

    I strongly agree with the post. I’m a teacher in a Pharmacy Technician degree and the contents are really useful to work. Furthermore students are really satisfied with their new knowledges and the know-how expiriences.