10 Big Education Stories You Should Know About

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The world of education moves quickly when it comes to news, trends, tools, and conferences. For example, SXSWEdu is happening as I write this and a lot of innovative ideas and buzzwords are spilling out of it. If you’re like me, you’re up to your neck in buzzwords and could use a break but that’s life.

In terms of buzzwords you should know about, keep an eye out for the word ‘teacherpreneur‘ as perhaps the biggest buzzword being bandied about SXSWEdu this week. It’s not a new term but seems to have gained some steam at the conference.

But there are a lot of other terms, trends, and stories being discussed. In an effort to try and capture and comment on the biggest stories, we’ve enlisted the help of Learn Egg who is a new way to keep on top of all the must-know education trends, tools, and more. Plus there’s a bit of sass thrown in for good measure. Learn Egg is educational but that doesn’t mean it has to be dry and boring, right?

Here are our picks for the must-read education stories of the past few days. You can see all these stories, some witty remarks, and more over at Learn Egg. Enjoy!

Where are Educators in the Edtech Revolution?

Why veteran teachers are every bit as ‘lean’ and ‘agile’ as the whippersnappers.

Digital Badges Need Mass to Matter

The next iteration of badges will need to be more than just pretty buttons.

No More MOOCs: Pay Attention to Beyonce

The beauty of personalized, passion-based learning.

What Does The Google Investment in Renaissance Learning Mean?

Personalized learning paths are rapidly becoming a reality – and the big guys will play a key role in innovation.

Despite Low Completion Rates, Harvard And MIT Say MOOCs Work

Did you walk away before it was over?

Writing a digital school strategy

Don’t throw money at EdTech. Plan it.

Ten reasons why handheld devices should be banned for children under the age of 12

There’s research and everything.

Eliminate Tech from the Education Discussion

When will we reach a point where we will discuss Education, teaching and learning without having to debate technology?

Snooping professor or friendly don? The ethics of university learning analytics

Could education data be used in ways undesirable to students?